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Remi Claeys is market leader in aluminium welded solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.

Our profound knowledge and experience is the foundation to innovate processes and products for our customers. Our sales people are motivated to inform and guide you in our offer and possibilities.

Collaborating with us, you can tap into our technical experience and the extensive material know-how, which our R&D and product development teams coordinate together with your application engineers and specialists.

The earlier you involve us in your design process the more value we can add to your product and help you save on assembly costs.

Out of our production facilities in Lichtervelde, we supply our customers all over the world, flexible and reliable with high-end service.

A history of innovation and competence

1949: Remi Claeys was founded

1950: Start of steel tube manufacturing

1963: Start of production of high frequency seam welded tubes in aluminium

1978: Steel tube manufacturing is stopped, focus is completely on aluminium products

2003: Sapa acquires Remi Claeys Aluminium

2013: Joint Venture between SAPA & Hydro and the name changes in 2018 to Hydro Precision Tubing Lichtervelde NV

2021: In August Aurelius equity opportunities acquires Hydro Precision Tubing Lichtervelde, company name is changed to Remi Claeys Aluminium NV

Remi Claeys aluminium in a nutshell

  • Production and supply of HF welded aluminium tubes

  • Integrated production : casting house, cold rolling, slitting, tube production, cutting and finishing

  • 4 tube mills covering a diameter range 12 to 76 mm

  • Revenue > 50 m€

  • Workforce : +/- 200 people

  • Capacity > 20000 ton/year HF welded tubes

  • Worldwide delivery

  • Key segments served : Industrial products, Automotive, HVAC

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ASI certified

no limits

Unlimited solutions
– choose yours

Round, flat, oval, rectangular, square:

our high-frequency welded aluminium tubes and profiles are always the precise answer to your needs.

We produce thin-walled as well as thick-walled tubes from 0.65 mm to 3.0 mm and up to a length of 13 meter.

With our state-of-the-art computer assisted manufacturing processes we work for your benefit –  exactly according your specifications.

From sample to serial production
– choose your quantity

Our optimized processes are your advantage when it comes to simplified production and short assembly times.

This helps to reduce both tooling and manufacturing costs.

A high degree of automation and production speeds are key to deliver the product quantity required.

Rounded-off by our well-assorted sample stock we are able to deliver standard samples within a few days.


Improve your Resource Efficiency

Sustainability is the biggest challenge of modern production. We need to change our economy into one that produces for a low-carbon world. Aluminium is a key material for the circular economy. Materials which can be recycle indefinitely contribute to a sustainable future. Recycling aluminium scrap requires about 5 percent of the energy used to make primary aluminium. Our aim is to enable a more circular economy through our remelt facility, where we remelt  aluminium scrap.

At Remi Claeys Aluminium Lichtervelde, more than 95% of the aluminium we use is recycled material, melted in our own remelting facility.