High Frequency Welded Aluminium Tubes for a lightweight and sustainable Future


We love Aluminium.
Barely no other metal offers as many opportunities as aluminium does.
With its light weight plus its infinite recyclability, it is the superior choice for today’s global challenges, sustainability and urbanization in particular.


Our welded tubes can be used for a wide range of applications in gardening, scaffolding, healthcare equipment, household fixtures, DIY products, outdoor furniture, ladders, drying racks, heat exchangers and many more.

remi claeys

We are market leader in the field of aluminium welded solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.
Our profound knowledge and experience is the foundation to innovate processes and products for our customers.
Our sales people are motivated to inform and guide you in our offer and possibilities.

work with us

Are you looking for a job with career possibilities? In search for a function with a lot of variety? Do you like to work in a stable working environment?
Remi Claeys is the place to be for you! Our company has more than 60 years of experience in the development and fabrication of aluminium high frequency welded tubes.
Our enthusiastic team of colleagues will guide you from the start, internal ‘on the job’ training on the production floor is foreseen.


Interested ?  Send your application to jobs@remiclaeys